24/7 Service For McDowell Hospital

24/7  service for McDowell Hospital released patients. Open to the public with the following responses: send a text message for fast response, new riders please register (CLICK HERE), make a phone call, and leave a voicemail.   Closed to the public Sundays & Wednesdays expect for transporting persons to and from work who have made prior arrangements.
Contact Pay For A Ride Live Video Chat by clicking on the square grey box or call (828) 338-8294

Scott Crawley / Dispatcher
We have live video communication with our Dispatcher. Scott answers phone calls, chats, and communicates with mobile units for booking of rides. Our Dispatcher also is prepared to call emergency services for police, fire, and ambulances by dialing 9-1-1 or non-emergency numbers. Scott is calm, precise and uses modern technology, making your experience with Pay For A Ride comfortable. Our team emphasizes driving YOU to your destinations with safety and kindness.
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Pay For A Ride

Taxi Fare
$ 2
Per Mile
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