Pay For A Ride News Broadcast May 24, 2018

Recently we gave a ride to a customer who knows of our mission to pay-it-forward to those in desperate need.  They decided to pay an extra $18 for a $12 fare and asked if we could help the next person.  Strangely enough while this person was riding with us and just after pledging the extra cash we received a call from two particularly needy persons who needed a ride home from work and that we have helped in past rides.  We told the rider that this couple could use a little help and so after letting the rider off at their home we went to pick the couple up and told them of the rider who paid it forward.  We gave the couple a free ride and $10 in cash.  They tearfully accepted.


Pay For A Ride News Broadcast May 23, 2018

Let it be known that there are still some good people in our community.  A family member of Debbie’s was gracious enough to loan us the money for repair of our vehicle.  It is running much better now and this gives us added confidence when traveling the busy streets and highways of McDowell County.  Debbie likes to run the air conditioner and fan for our customers so she has been placed in charge of climate control.  She also entertains with video playback on her smart phone.  We are looking forward to further serving the residents in our county.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast May 11, 2018

We are grateful to God that we paid off our car this month but now we need some help on getting some repairs done.  There is a miss in the engine due to a bad spark plug and to get it fixed requires some extensive work to get to the bad plug.  It is recommended to replace all the plugs.  The cost will range between $150 to $200 and will require 2 to 3 hours work time.  If anyone can find it in their heart to give any amount to this taxi ministry they will be assured that the funds will go toward this repair.  Dennis and Debbie has been running the taxi for over a year now working to help persons with rides and food and we pray it will continue.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast April 16, 2018

Today we picked up a person who was released from the McDowell Hospital emergency room.  Upon taking them to their destination, they expressed heartfelt gratitude of receiving a ride and asked earnestly if we would stop at a store and get them a couple of small items because of losing or missing a substantial amount of money the day before.  We shared some encouraging words with them and decided that this person was sincere.  So we bought the items for them.  They promised to pay us back but we suggested that a donation on our website would be a sufficient payback so we can pay-it-forward to someone else in need.  They said they would give a donation when monies become available again.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast February 9, 2018

Let it be known that Debbie and I enjoy helping “others” regarding our ministry division.  However, honoring every request is not always fulfilled.  The reason being is that sometimes our physical, mental, or financial abilities limit us as to what we can do.  Therefore, we have put some guidelines in place and so here are the points we stress:  1.  We DO NOT loan money to be paid back at a later time or date.  2.  We DO NOT run errands either paid or free.  3.  The emphasis is for persons who have paid and ridden with Debbie and I so we can get to know them.  It is certain that we have been blessed with the taxi business but on the other hand we are by no means rich or well-to-do.  Therefore, we reserve the right to fullfill or deny requests for help.  We also ask for cooperation with these guidelines.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast January 6, 2018

We had to pay out almost $600 in the last two days for car repair and registration!  Expenses do come to everyone but, it is one of God’s ways to keep us in check and test our faithfulness with Him.  When He sends us to do a certain task He has promised to equip us to complete it (Eph. 4:7-16).  Just remember that we are wonderfully and marvelously made and in His tri-part-tite image are we made.