Pay For A Ride Broadcasting Live

The purpose of having a live camera in the cab is for the safety our driver and customer.  We have a sign posted in the cab letting the customer know there is a live feed. Secondly, we have a dispatcher who utilizing the live feed for communicating to our driver and customers. Thirdly, we are a Christian business that magnifies God in all we do.  We have links we connect for broadcasting the Gospel message of Jesus Christ around the world.  We encourage all of our customers and visitors to take time to view our platform for sharing The Good News through Mandate Project.TV     

Taxi Ministry

You can chat at Marketing TeleCenter with Dennis Bradley.  Please click the image to the right to join the room and follow the instructions.

In the future Pay For A Ride plans to broadcast again on Facebook and expand to Youtube.  Please don’t forget to comment on our Facebook Fan Page and visit Taxi Ministry. Thanks for your support.