Pay For A Ride News Broadcast October 1, 2017

Hand holding glass of water

Debbie and I stopped for a break in town and she noticed a person sitting alone. She called out to him to talk and after a long conversation discovered this soft spoken gentleman was homeless and had only the clothes he was wearing. The next night we offered him to sleep in our taxi and for the next two nights he did. We got him food and extra clothes…took him for a shower and gave him a little money. He became a blessing to us with his eagerness to help us in return and now is living with us cooking and cleaning.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast August 30, 2017

Yesterday we got a call from a gentleman who was impressed with our website. We gave him a ride that came to $9…He gave us $40 and asked us to help the next person who needed help. Well it so happen the next person did need help…a woman and two children needed a ride to school to register her kids. At first we were going to get them drinks and snack but after talking to her decided to give her $20 and we did.