Pay For A Ride News Broadcast December 27, 2017

Join our VISION by becoming a taxi driver in your city.  Fill out the form below to find out how you can help “OTHERS” in your area who may need a free ride or free food.  Partner with us and for a small monthly fee receive a personal subdomain with a URL similar to this: with “LIVE” broadcast capability of your own room or using Pay For A Ride upgraded room included along with your contact information and content.

Pay For A Ride News Broadcast December 23, 2017

We gave a ride to a person who was released from the emergency room at about 1AM.  This person is very young…only 18 years old.  Injuries were sustained from wrecking their vehicle in what this person said was a very mind changing accident!  We witnessed with them sharing some snippets of the Gospel.  The accident made this person take a good look at their life and the future of it thereof because their life was almost shortened!  We received a generous tip because of their gratitude to God.