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Dennis and Debbie Bradley, owners of Pay For A Ride are a married Christian couple, with motivated interests in the welfare of persons in Mcdowell County North Carolina.

About Our Story

Debbie and I met in a group home in 2009 and in February of 2010 got our own place. Later, in April of 2014, we decided to get married even though knowing about losing Medicaid benefits and instead, desiring to please the Lord Jesus. Debbie is on disability suffering from the effects of a brain aneurysm in 2005 which left her right side weak with limited motion. I am disabled as well suffering from the effects of drug abuse in 1971 and has been taking medication ever since then. Debbie has one son and I have a son and two daughters.
One day we decided to sign up with a particular company. (I drive and Debbie is not able to drive). I got approved to drive with them but getting someone to ride with this company in McDowell County is few and far between. When we received a leading of the Holy Spirit  to go to City Hall and purchase a license to drive our own taxi. We discoverd to get a permit to drive we had to go to Marion Police Department and have a criminal background check. If approved, we had to be voted in by City Council. 
All of this passed and we were on our way. Although we discovered that the insurance was extremely high, especially for the down payment, so we borrowed the money from a finance company and placed the taxi tag and insurance on our car. Let me say a few words about the taxi tag number. I am an only child and was very close to my mother.  My mother passed away and went to heaven at the age of 49 in the year 1978. What seems so small to some is really big to our hearts. The number on the tag is 4978!! We did not choose the tag but it was given by random. It blew our minds and is a great motivator for our mission. God revealed to us HE confirms His Word based on the scripture,  “And these signs shall follow them that believe . . . And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. ” ( Mk. 16: 17 & 20) 

We do things a bit differently in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and that’s the way we like it! Roll with us.  Take your next ride with Pay For A Ride.

Our Mission

Some of our taxi customers have needs that go beyond the taxi ride such as the need of food or the cost of the ride itself. We are in the perfect position to receive and meet these needs of our community with our taxi service. In reference to Matthew 25:35-40 we have put our feet to action by faith!   
We have actually helped some people in the past, but we are running a business and our business has expenses that we have to meet on a daily basis, so if we help all those customers ourselves we cannot keep our business running.
The funds are needed ASAP because there is an increasing amount of persons who ask us for special needs like food or a free ride.  Funding paid out will be rationed weekly to RIDERS ONLY and based on donations received. 
The support will mean a lot to us because we like to help others and this will bring us joy knowing we were instrumental in helping someone in need.
We are showing a little of what the Lord can do when we reach out.  But remember God is the one who receives all the praise and glory!  God is in charge of the harvest using a little and bringing in much! 
Dennis & Debbie Bradley
Take Your Next Ride With Pay For a Ride 
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