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Some of our taxi customers have needs that go beyond the taxi ride such as the need of food or the cost of the ride itself. We are in the perfect position to receive and meet these needs of our community with our taxi service. In reference to Matthew 25:35-40 we have put our feet to action by faith!   
We have actually helped some people in the past, but we are running a business and our business has expenses that we have to meet on a daily basis, so if we help all those customers ourselves we cannot keep our business running.

The funds are needed ASAP because there is an increasing amount of persons who ask us for special needs like food or a free ride.  Funding paid out will be rationed weekly to RIDERS ONLY and based on donations received. The support will mean a lot to us because we like to help others and this will bring us joy knowing we were instrumental in helping someone in need.

See what has been happening.  We are showing a little of what the Lord can do when we reach out.  But remember God is the one who receives all the praise and glory!  God is in charge of the harvest using a little and bringing in much! 

Dennis & Debbie Bradley


It Is Our STERN POLICY That We DO NOT Take Persons To Drinking And/Or Illegal Drug Establishments

Take Your Next Ride With Pay For a Ride